Home Town: Peoria, IL
Clinical Interests: I am interested in pursuing hospitalist work in a rural area, possibly in combination with outpatient work. In addition, I enjoy learning to do colonoscopies and other procedures.
Personal Interests: I am passionate about my faith and enjoy the learning and fellowship which takes place during bible study. I also run a few miles outside everyday no matter the weather and will train for a long distance race if I have enough time. Other hobbies of mine include going to the movies, hiking, and collecting rare rocks.
Why I Chose Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency: This residency is a real gem! The diverse and interesting patient pathology will leave you confidently prepared for whatever path you may take after residency. It is a rural yet urban setting with a wide variety of experience opportunities. The supportive faculty and staff and down-to-earth residents make the learning experience even better!


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